Dear Guest, welcome at Lake Balaton!

If you look for rest, relaxation, entertainment, sports, a little pampering, the best to spend your vacation the resort Vonyarcvashegy built on the south slopes of Keszthely hills at Lake Balaton!
Vonyarcvashegy is a holiday resort, two-thirds of the buildings are holiday houses, with 1800 inahabitant.There are nearly forty restaurants and shops open  In high season every day.The same number of commercial stores and thousands of apartments waiting for the visitors. Vonyarcvashegy have the area’s most visited and finest beach. Sandy beaches are ideal for young children.

The beach has more than 15 diverse cuisine, such as.: Italian, Greek, Hungarian, German, American, etc.. There are gift shops, clothing stores at reasonable prices. Surf school and rental, boat and kayak rentals, giant water slides,children pool with,and volleyball for those who want to move.
The beach has more playground for the little ones. The grass is kept clean throughout the summer, the visitor can always enjoy clean place.The beach has more trees in the area, so if you are no sun-worshiper you can find many shadow place!
Vonyarcvashegy is the only possibility is to try and enjoy water ski the region.

Among other things,there is a great opportunity for fishing and cycling Vonyarcvashegy has great summer  programs for visitors.Special evenings held for music lovers of various genres, wine party for a good knowledge of wines, farewell concerts, famous pop group participation, operating an outdoor cinema, etc..
The area is ideal for hiking,tourist signs helping find their way around.
Young people can enjoy Disco music in the area and dance places of entertainment.

Hiking opportunities in the area:

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